ISSN 2080-0851

“The XIX Century. Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society.” (ISSN 2080–0851) refers to the tradition of “Memoirs of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” edited by Roman Pilat. It was a journal published in the years 1887-1898 in Lviv, which was devoted to – according to the declaration of its founders – “The Era of Mickiewicz.” “The XIX Century” is also a continuation of the “Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society,” which has been published by the Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society since 1966.

The publication is primarily addressed to Polonists but we also invite to cooperation researchers of related disciplines; namely, historians, philosophers, aestheticians, scholars of cultural studies, comparatists, art historians, and foreign literature specialists. Together we want to thoroughly look at the 19th Century also from the perspective of an already closed 20th Century and our present time.

“XIX Century" includes the following sections:

  • Articles and dissertations
  • Debuts
  • Comparatistics
  • Publishing
  • Translations
  • Didactics
  • Reviews, Previews and Discussions
  • TLiAM Chronicle

“The XIX Century. Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” for years has been published with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2009–2010, 2012–2017), the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2008, 2015–2017) and the National Cultural Centre (2011–2012).

In 2011 the yearbook was classified on European Reference Index for the Humanities (currently ERIH Plus) and received NAT category. “The XIX Century’s” Index Copernicus Value amounted to the following: 4.68 pts. in 2012, 5.85 pts. in 2013, 49.61 pts. in 2014, 50.32 pts. in 2016. According to the ministerial list of scientific journals authors receive 10 points for publication of an original article in “The XIX Century.”

Abstracts in English and full texts of articles that have appeared in the magazine since 2008 can be found on the journal’s website in Archives and bibliography section, as well as in a database of The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities CEJSH.

Full contents of the volumes since 1966 are available among the resources of ACADEMICA – a digital interlibrary books and magazines rental office, and the tables of contents of all volumes can be found in BazHum database.

The reference version of “The XIX Century – Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society” is its paper version. The list of reviewers of scientific articles published in “The XIX Century” is available collectively (for the last five years) on the yearbook’s website.

Each time, after the publication of a new issue of the “Yearbook,” the full contents of the previous volume shall be published in PDF format on the journal’s website (annual grace period). All articles in the “XIX Century” have been marked with DOI identifiers.

Digitization of the journal was financed from the funds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, designated for dissemination of science (DUN) as part of the project "The XIX Century. Yearbook of Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society"- increasing the scientific potential, the level of internationalization and the degree of the impact of the journal through effective dissemination on the Internet.