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Publication instructions

  • Proposed texts should be sent in their digital versions to “The XIX Century’s” e-mail address: or - in the form of a digital printout with the same version stored on a CD-ROM / DVD to the address of editorial office: ul. Nowy Świat 72, pok. 14a, 00-330 Warszawa.
  • The Editorial Board accepts proposals of original (previously unpublished and not intended for publication in other journals) scientific articles, philological papers not exceeding the size of a copyright sheet (40.000 characters including spaces and footnotes), written in Polish, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish. The text of the article should be accompanied by a summary (abstract) of up to 1000 characters in Polish (or the same language, in which the submitted article is written) and in English, as well as up to five keywords in Polish (with their translation into English) most accurately determining the issues presented in the article. The abstract - in an impersonal form - should include a brief presentation of the issues raised in the text, methodological declaration and concise presentation of the most important theses.
  • Reviews, reports, messages, polemics, memoirs, obituaries, biographies, etc. sent to “The XIX Century” shall not exceed the size of 1/3 Copyright sheet (approx. 13300 characters), and shall be accompanied by a single, two sentence summary. Reviews and overviews should have titles (note: the title of a review can not only be a bibliographic description of the book).
  • The texts submitted to the editors of “The XIX Century” must be prepared according to the editorial.
  • An author (or each of the co-authors) of the work proposed for publication shall attach their personal data in the form of a short bibliographic note (up to 1000 characters), along with a possible scientific affiliation and postal address (both standard and electronic) with a statement of consent regarding their inclusion in bibliographic records transferred to external databases.
  • Along with the submitted text an author (or each of the co-authors) is required to include a statement that their work is original, in which legally and ethically permitted use of foreign intellectual output has been clearly defined and clearly marked, and that it has not been published anywhere or sent for publication. A completed copyright form shall also be submitted. The editors request both the declaration and the copyright form to be submitted in a digital way only. The template of the declaration and the copyright form can be downloaded here.
  • In the case of texts composed with the aid of institutional funding, this fact should be recorded in the corresponding footnote.
  • Sending a text to the editor is tantamount to a declaration that the author holds exclusive rights to use and dispose of the text, and the text is free of legal defects and does not infringe the rights of third parties.
  • Adopting a text for publication in “The XIX Century” is tantamount to transferring author’s rights for publication to Adam Mickiewicz Literary Society which is the exclusive publisher of the “Yearbook.” The author, consenting to the publication of the text in the reference version of the magazine (on paper), agrees to simultaneously distribute online (PDF) electronic version on the following website
  • The editors reserve the right to make editorial linguistic-stylistic and compositional changes to the text and inform the author, mainly on the basis of external reviewers’ ratings, about elements necessary to be changed and adjusted. The author is obliged to respond to such decisions and guidance by authorizing them and possibly modifying the text delivered to the author in the form of an electronic file. The authorized text should be delivered to the editors before deadline. The author is also obliged to proofread the finally drafted and broken text within the prescribed time period. The author’s corrections can only include observed errors in composition and any necessary amendments to the text, only within the pages after breaking through all the text with footnotes. Failure to proofread within the prescribed period shall be considered the author’s consent to the publication of the text as authorized.
  • Editors do not pay any royalties for the material published in “The XIX Century.”
  • Editors do not return unsolicited texts.
  • Texts not formatted according to editorial guidelines or not containing all the additional information and attachments will not be accepted.